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Washington Power Play by Allan TopolWashington Power Play by Allan Topol

Thanks to Tracy Minsky of Meryl L. Moss Media, I am giving away two print copies of Washington Power Play by Allan Topol.

Description of Washington Power Play by Allan Topol

What does FBI agent Kelly Cameron’s college sweetheart, the dashing Xiang Shen, have to do with her latest case? As Cameron digs deeper into China’s influence on the presidential race, Shen’s romantic overtures might not be quite what they seem. What does this Chinese diplomat have to do with the influence of a foreign power on a national election? And who is targeting Cameron and her daughter?

In Allan Topol’s inimitable style, WASHINGTON POWER PLAY spins a tale of international intrigue, deception, and corruption at the highest levels of power.

 Kelly Cameron has just thwarted a terrorist attack on the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, and is now in charge of a task force to find a mole in the U.S. government. She soon finds evidence of a plot initiated by the Chinese government supporting General Darrell Cartwright to promote his election as the president of the United States.

Cameron’s efforts to thwart this plan are hindered by Shen, and Andrew Martin, a powerful Washington lawyer who has strong ties to the Chinese. At stake in this Washington power play is nothing less than the global balance of power.

Praise for Allan Topol

“Topol is up there with such masters of the labyrinthine as Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy.”—The Washington Post

 “John Grisham and Richard North Patterson may have a new successor”—Publishers Weekly

“Topol creates believable characters with real problems and emotions; he constructs a tight, suspenseful plot that has us flipping pages as fast as we can find out what happens while we root 100 percent for a hero we don’t altogether like.”—The Los Angeles Times

About Allan TopolWashington Power Play by Allan Topol

Allan Topol WASHINGTON POWER PLAY is Topol’s 13th novel of international intrigue. Two of them, SPY DANCE and ENEMY MY ENEMY, were national best sellers. His novels have been translated into Japanese, Portuguese and Hebrew. One was optioned and three are in development for movies. More recently, many of his books focused on his Craig Page series, including THE ARGENTINE TRIANGLE, THE RUSSIAN ENDGAME, SPANISH REVENGE, CHINA GAMBIT and ITALIAN DIVIDE.
 In addition to his fiction writing, Allan Topol co-authored a two-volume legal treatise entitled SUPERFUND LAW AND PROCEDURE. A graduate of Yale University Law School, he is a partner in a major Washington law firm, and has traveled extensively researching locations for his novels. He wrote a weekly column for Military.com and has published articles in numerous periodicals including the New York TimesWashington Post, and Yale Law Journal. He also has blogged for Huffington Post. For more information, visitwww.allantopol.com.

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Assassins by Mike Bond: Giveaway

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Assassins by Mike BondAssassins by Mike Bond

Thanks to Matt Gillick of Meryl Moss Media, I am giving away one print copy of Assassins by Mike Bond.

Description of Assassins by Mike Bond

From its terrifying start in the night skies of Afghanistan to its stunning end in the Paris terrorist attacks, Assassins is, in novelized form, the story of the last thirty years of war between Islam and the West. Based on the author’s experiences in the Middle East, Assassins lives this unending conflict from the viewpoints of an American commando, a French woman doctor, an Afghani warlord, a Russian major, and a British woman journalist.

Drop by parachute into the deadly mountains of Afghanistan, fight door to door in the bloody
cities of Iraq and the lethal deserts of Syria, Sinai and Africa, know the terror of battle inside a Russian tank, feel the power of passion and love when at any moment you both can die – it’s all there, all real, in Assassins.

Did the Saudi government finance 9/11? Did the Bush administration let Osama bin Laden
escape Afghanistan and then lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Did President
Obama’s decision to leave Iraq in 2011 lead to the rise of ISIS and its worldwide fanaticism?
It’s all there, all real, in Assassins.

Praise for Mike Bond

“The master of the existential thriller.”-BBC

“One of the 21st century’s most exciting authors.”-Washington Times

“Grips the reader from the opening chapter and never lets go.”- Miami Herald

“A work of compelling fiction … Very highly recommended.”- Midwest Book Review

About Mike BondAssassins by Mike Bond

MIKE BOND is the best-selling author of Saving ParadiseHouse of JaguarThe Last SavannaHoly WarTibetan Cross, and Killing Maine. He is a war and human rights journalist and ecologist who has lived and worked in many dangerous and war-torn regions of the world.

His critically acclaimed novels depict the innate hunger of the human heart for good, the intense joys of love, the terror and fury of battle, the sinister conspiracies of dictators, corporations and politicians, and the beauty of the vanishing natural world.

Giveaway of Assassins by Mike Bond

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Executive Action by Jac SimensenExecutive Action by Jac Simensen

Thanks to Maria Moloney of Roundfire Books, I am giving away one print copy of Executive Action by Jac Simensen.

Description of Executive Action by Jac Simensen

Appalled with US policy in the Middle-East, a billionaire defense contractor and a retired major general decide to mount their own Executive Action in the region. They build a small dirty bomb, and brutally brainwash a simple, garbage-truck driver, whose wife was mistakenly killed by terrorists, into exploding the device in the Grand Mosque in Mecca during the Hajj, with the intention of sparking a war between Shia and Sunni nations.

As the time ticks away, can anybody stop them… Hugely pertinent and thoughtful, Executive Action asks about the world we live in and questions who really is pulling the strings on the global stage 

About Jac SimensenExecutive Action by Jac Simensen

Jac Simensen is an American, who’s spent most of his adult life in the UK, Asia, Europe and the Middle-East, where he worked with technology and intelligence corporations and agencies. Following an early retirement, Jac has returned to his first love of writing suspense novels and thrillers.

Giveaway of Executive Action by Jac Simensen

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