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Once Upon A Wine by Beth KendrickOnce Upon A Wine by Beth Kendrick

Thanks to Danielle Dill of  Berkley & NAL, I am giving away one print copy of  Once Upon A Wine by Beth Kendrick.

Description of Once Upon A Wine by Beth Kendrick

From the “sharp, sassy, [and] surprisingly emotional”* author of Put a Ring on ItNew Uses for Old Boyfriends, and The Week Before the Wedding, a new novel set in the charming seaside town of Black Dog Bay, Delaware…
Cammie Breyer needs a big glass of cabernet—her restaurant failed and her chef boyfriend left for a hotter kitchen. Just when she thinks she’s hit rock bottom, her Aunt Ginger calls with a surprise. She’s bought a vineyard—in Delaware. At Ginger’s command, Cammie returns to Black Dog Bay, the seaside town where she spent her childhood summers with her aunt and her cousin, Kat.
The three women reunite, determined to succeed. There’s only one little problem: None of them knows the first thing about wine making. And it turns out, owning a vineyard isn’t all wine and roses. It’s dirt, sweat, and desperation. Every day brings financial pitfalls, unruly tourists, romantic dilemmas, and second thoughts.  But even as they struggle, they cultivate hidden talents and new passions. While the grapes ripen under the summer sun, Cammie discovers that love, like wine, is layered, complex, delicious, and worth waiting for… 

About Beth Kendrick

Once Upon A Wine by Beth Kendrick

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Beth Kendrick is the author of twelve women’s fiction novels, including Put a Ring On ItNew Uses for Old BoyfriendsCure for the Common BreakupThe Week Before the WeddingThe Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service, and Nearlyweds, which was turned into a Hallmark Channel original movie. She lives in Arizona with two big rescue mutts and vacations at the Delaware beach, where she devotes a great deal of time to eating local strawberries and drinking wine. You know, for research.

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Mata Hari's Last Dance by Michelle MoranMata Hari’s Last Dance by Michelle Moran

My Thoughts on Mata Hari’s Last Dance by Michelle Moran

It is 1904 when Margaretha Zelle MacLeod leaves her abusive husband in Java and becomes the famous Mata Hari in France.  She had to leave her daughter, Non behind due to threats from her husband and has always regretted that.

As Mata Hari becomes more and more famous she takes up many different lovers and enlists a couple of them to help her get her daughter back.  After careful planning an attempt was made.

During World War I Mata Hari travel over a good part of Europe seeking information to help France in the war effort.  However, her adventures were twisted and when she returned to France, she was arrested and accused of being a double agent for both Germany and France.

Michelle Moran paints a vivid picture of the life, rise, and fall of the famous Mata Hari.  At times I felt like I was along for the ride but also at times I felt a bit left out. The parts I enjoyed most was the flash backs of her childhood and younger adult years.  I grew sympathetic for all she had been through and was glad that she got to experience a better life, for awhile. Even though that better life was her eventual undoing.

The end seemed a bit rushed to me but perhaps the real end of Mata Hari was rushed in real life.

I have many favorite historical fiction authors but when Michelle Moran puts out a new title, I always make it a priority she is in my top 2!  Though I am not giving Mata Hari a five star rating, I still highly recommend it for historical fiction lovers.  Michelle Moran is still at the top of her writing career and I can’t wait to see where she takes us next!


I received the ebook version from NetGalley for my honest opinion.

About Michelle Moran

Mata Hari's Last Dance by Michelle Moran

Photo Credit: Amit Kushwaha

Michelle Moran is the internationally bestselling author of seven historical novels, including Rebel Queen, which was inspired by her travels throughout India. Her books have been translated into more than twenty languages. A frequent traveler, Michelle currently resides with her husband and two children in the United States.

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Chasing Water by Anthony Ervin, Constantine MarkidesChasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian by Anthony Ervin, Constantine Markides

Just in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics and thanks to Susannah Lawrence of Akashic Books, I am giving away one print copy of Chasing Water by Anthony Ervin, Constantine Markides.

Description of Chasing Water by Anthony Ervin, Constantine Markides

Every four years in the Olympic cycle the surge of national interest in swimming grows, and with it a desire to be captivated by its stars. This book tells the dramatic, surprising, and sometimes provocative path that Anthony Ervin has taken to become one of those captivating Olympic heroes. Not your typical sports memoir, Chasing Water also contains arresting black-and-white drawings and a graphic story extra, as well as an inventive and mercurial narrative style that morphs chapter by chapter to reflect Ervin’s restless, multifaceted life.

Ervin won a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games at the age of nineteen. He is an athlete branded with a slew of titles including being the first US Olympic swimmer of African American descent, along with Jewish heritage, who also grew up with Tourette’s syndrome. He shocked the sporting world by retiring soon after claiming two world titles following the 2000 Olympics.

Auctioning off his gold medal for charity, he set off on a part spiritual quest, part self-destructive bender that involved Zen temples, fast motorcycles, tattoo parlors, and rock ‘n’ roll bands. Then Ervin resurfaced in 2012 to not only make the US Olympic team twelve years after his first appearance, but to continue his career by swimming faster than ever before, and faster than anyone else. He is currently training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Praise for Chasing Water by Anthony Ervin, Constantine Markides

“A celebrated Olympian recounts how he rose to the top of his sport, crashed, and found redemption….This book, which tells his story through a narrative that interweaves the former gold medalist’s memories with commentary by his friend and colleague Markides, reveals the extreme highs and lows that characterized Ervin’s remarkable life and career….The author never flinches at revealing his less-than-perfect past, and the humility he demonstrates at coming to terms with his own egotism and personal shortcomings makes the book frequently compelling. A provocative and refreshingly honest redemption memoir.”
 Kirkus Reviews 

“Markides smartly combines his own journalistic account with a parallel narrative in which Ervin…explains his life and style. Some talents simply defy explanation, however, and Ervin may be in that category….The story of his comeback at 31 (ancient for a swimmer) is rendered more amazing by the contrast with what went before.”– Booklist 

“Most memoirs from Olympians are puff pieces, ghost-written so blandly you fall asleep trying to make it to the end of the first chapter. Chasing Water is the opposite of that, an intimate, visceral experience you will appreciate.”– SwimSwam 

About Anthony ErvinChasing Water by Anthony Ervin

Anthony Ervin is an American Olympian who resides in Los Angeles, where he continues to pursue his career as a professional swimmer, speaker, and coach. As the oldest competitor at the 2014 national championships, he won the title in the men’s 50-meter freestyle. He is currently training for the 2016 Olympic team. Chasing Water is his memoir.

Chasing Water by Constantine MarkidesAbout Constantine Markides

Constantine Markides is a New York–based swim trainer and former correspondent for the international daily newspaperCyprus Mail. He has worked with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and was featured on CBC and NPR’s Marketplace. His essays and fiction have been published in various magazines and journals, including Rolling Stone. A high school state champion swimmer, Markides also swam for Columbia University. He is the coauthor of Chasing Water.

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