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Fill The Sky by Katherine A. SherbrookeFill The Sky by Katherine A. Sherbrooke

Thanks to Caitlin Hamilton Marketing & Publicity, LLC, I am giving away one print copy of Fill The Sky by Katherine A. Sherbrooke.

Description of Fill The Sky by Katherine A. Sherbrooke

Biotech entrepreneur Tess Whitford has built her life around the certainty of logic and thrives on solving problems. But when one of her dearest friends exhausts the reaches of medicine while fighting cancer and grabs onto the hope that traditional healers in Ecuador might save her, Tess has to let go of everything she knows—and every instinct she has. Unable to deny Ellie a request that might be her last, Tess flies to Ecuador to help.

Together with Joline, another close college friend whose spiritual work inspired the trip, they travel to the small mountain village of Otavalo. Immersed in nature and introduced to strange ancient ceremonies, the three friends are pushed to recognize that good health is not only physical. Tess grapples with her inability to trust; Ellie struggles with a painful secret; and Joline worries about the contract she made with an aggressive businessman whose ambitions could destroy the delicate fabric of the local community. When an ayahuasca ceremony goes awry and an unlikely betrayal suddenly threatens to unravel their decades-long friendship, these three very different women awaken to a shared realization: they each have a deep need for healing.

FILL THE SKY captures the challenges of mid-life, the hope we seek when we explore alternative paths, and the profound nature of women’s friendships. It’s a beautifully told and moving story about lifelong friends, the power of the spirit, and the age-old quest to not simply fight death but to shape an authentic life.

Praise for Fill The Sky by Katherine A. Sherbrooke

“Three women, each with an important question to answer, travel together into a world richly imagined and beautifully rendered to find unconventional answers. This is a deeply moving novel about love, honesty, respect, the unlikely, and the truly possible.”—Anita Shreve, New York Times bestselling author

“FILL THE SKY takes us to places we seldom dare explore and pushes the boundaries of love, friendship, and healing. Sherbrooke has a deft understanding of human nature and a painter’s eye for place. A journey every woman should take.”—Brunonia Barry, New York Times bestselling author of The Lace Reader

“Sherbrooke’s insight into friendship—all the slights and secrets, yet more importantly all the love that defines it—propels this novel forward to its deeply satisfying conclusion. FILL THE SKY is pure heart and a perfect read for a circle of friends.”—Lynne Griffin, author of Girl Sent Away and Sea Escape

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About Katherine A. Sherbrooke

Fill The Sky by Katherine A. Sherbrooke

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KATHERINE A. SHERBROOKE received her B.A. from Dartmouth College and M.B.A. from Stanford University. An entrepreneur and writer, she is the author of Finding Home, a family memoir about her parents’ tumultuous and inspiring love affair. This is her first novel. She lives outside Boston with her husband, two sons, and black lab. Visit her online at www.kasherbrooke.com, https://www.facebook.com/kasherbrooke/?fref=ts, or @kazzese.

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Giveaway Winners Galore

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Giveaway Winners GaloreThanks so much to all the authors, publishers, and publicists for all of the awesome giveaways! They are so much fun to host and I know my readers appreciate them!!
Thanks to everyone who entered the following giveaways!

Winners, please reply to the email I sent you today within 48 hours to claim your books. After 2 days you will be disqualified and a new winner will be picked. Rafflecopter picks all winners at random.

Dido’s Crown by Julie K. Rose

The winner is Carl S.

Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin

The winner is Anne B.

Worst Generation by Dan P. Greaney

The winner is Carl S.

Sheikh’s Baby Scandal by Carol Marinelli

The winner is Nadine S.

Conard County Marine by Rachel Lee

The winner is Anne B.

Escape To Redemption by Peter Parr

The winner is Denise D.

Orphan Mother by Robert Hicks

The winners are Jennifer C. & Kara S.

Spice Box Letters by Eve Makis

The winner is Terri J.

Dark Whispers by Debra Webb

The winner is Meredith M.

Triple Love Score by Brandi Megan Granett

The winner is Margie T.

Lady Cop Makes Trouble by Amy Stewart

The winner is Jennifer C.

Karolina’s Twins by Ronald H. Balson

The winner is Denise D.

Scarred: Civil War Novel Of Redemption by Michael Kenneth Smith

The winners are Anne B. & Carl S.


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Death Among Rubies by R. J. KoretoDeath Among Rubies by R. J. Koreto

Thanks to Julia Borcherts of Kaye Publicity, I am giving away one print copy of Death Among Rubies by R. J. Koreto.

Description of Death Among Rubies by R. J. Koreto

Lady Frances Ffolkes is incensed when she finds out that her dear friends Gwendolyn and Thomasina have been subject to vicious threats. Promising to uncover their attacker, she travels with them to Kestrel’s Eyrie, the fabled estate belonging to Gwen’s family. But soon Frances faces an even greater problem, when Gwen’s father, a powerful diplomat, is stabbed to death with his prized ruby dagger.

Frances, with her loyal maid June Mallow at her side, jumps right into interrogating the estate’s numbered guests: a charming Turkish diplomat with a habit of sneaking off into the night, a brash American heiress with lofty dreams of becoming mistress of the Eyrie, two gossiping widows with their own scandalous secrets, and Gwen’s own aunt tasked with keeping the affairs of the estate in order among the chaos of the investigation. But as the case unfolds, Frances’s righteous conviction might just be the very thing that leads danger–and even more death–to her own doorstep.

Old sins do indeed cast long shadows in Death Among Rubies, a delightful closed-room mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie and the second in R.J. Koreto’s effortlessly charming historical series.

Praise for Death Among Rubies by R. J. Koreto

“Koreto’s appealing sequel…nicely blends international intrigue and affairs of the heart.” -–Publishers Weekly

“Koreto’s second case for his titled heroine is devilishly clever and written with unmistakable verve.” —Kirkus Reviews

 “Upstairs teams with downstairs in this thoroughly entertaining, witty Edwardian mystery debut… A solid choice for fans of Robin Paige and Downton Abbey.”–Library Journal

“With a memorable heroine, rich atmosphere, and intriguing mystery, Koreto has created a book that will engage and entertain readers…Highly recommended!” –Historical Novel Society; Editor’s Choice

About R. J. KoretoDeath Among Rubies by R. J. Koreto

Like his heroine, Frances Ffolkes, R. J. Koreto is a graduate of Vassar College. He has spent most of his career as a financial journalist. Richard has also been a freelance writer and PR consultant. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America, and his work has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. He lives in New York, NY. Death Among Rubies is his second Lady Frances historical mystery following Death on the Sapphire. Visit him at ladyfrancesffolkes.com

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