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Monticello by Sally Cabot GunningMonticello: Daughter and Her Father by Sally Cabot Gunning

Monticello explores the relationship of our U.S. founding father, Thomas Jefferson and his daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph. Martha’s mother died when Martha was just entering her teenage years. Thomas Jefferson had his daughter accompany him to France on his first diplomatic mission.  After 5 years they both return home.  By then Martha has grown into a young woman and even had a suitor in Paris that her father didn’t find quite suitable.

Paris seemed to really help shape Martha and her opinions and she had come to disagree with slavery.  While if Paris, she came to believe her father would free his slaves and then hire them to continue running Monticello but her never did.  Also, when they arrive home she notices that her mother’s half sister and slave, Sally Hemings status has change in the household and no longer required to work. 

Then Thomas Randolph enters the picture and sweeps Martha off her feet.  As demands of adulthood and marriage take over, Martha endures pregnancy after pregnancy (she had 12 children)  and her husband’s mismanagement of farms and money. He also starts to act more and more eradicate. Her sister, Maria also dies giving birth to her first child.

As rumors were surfacing of an affair between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.  Martha has suspicions of her own but seemed to try to ignore them.  It is clear that Martha had a tight bind with her father and they influenced each other in different ways. 

I loved the story between Thomas Jefferson and her father but all the hardships with her husband were hard to endure.  It was a time when women could not divorce their husbands but I wanted to shake her and tell her to leave him.  I knew she couldn’t but that the same problems kept up through their marriage and so that part became somewhat repetitive.  That said, Sally Cabot Gunning treated her characters with sensitivity and a non-judgmental approach. Though this is a work of fiction, she did her research and let the characters tell the story.  She certainly made Monticello a character as well.  I really liked her approach and her writing.  I highly recommend Monticello for those who love historical fiction and like to delve into the lives of people, like Thomas Jefferson, who helped shape our world.

I received the ebook version for my honest review.


About Sally Cabot GunningMonticello by Sally Cabot Gunning

Sally Cabot Gunning lives with her husband in Brewster on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island and a lifelong resident of New England, she is active in the local historical society and creates tours that showcase the three-hundred-year history of her village. Gunning came to fiction writing at a young age, driven to it in desperation one rainy day when she ran out of books.

She later authored a popular mystery series set on Cape Cod, but when she began to weave the Cape’s rich history into her stories she found herself hooked; she turned her focus to digging out the back story to the history that we thought we knew but didn’t and giving it a human face. This resulted in four critically acclaimed historical novels: The Widow’s War, Bound, The Rebellion of Jane Clarke, Benjamin Franklin’s Bastard, and coming in September 2016 MONTICELLO. 

Sheikh’s Baby Scandal by Carol MarinelliSheikh’s Baby Scandal by Carol Marinelli

Thanks to Mercedes Reiner of Meryl Moss Media, I am giving away one print copy of Sheikh’s Baby Scandal by Carol Marinelli.

Description of Sheikh’s Baby Scandal by Carol Marinelli

Playboy sheikh Kedah of Zazinia has loved every minute he’s spent earning his outrageous reputation! But about to claim the throne, and with a list of prospective brides being prepared, Kedah knows he must soon accept his royal duty.

A scorching night with his poised assistant, Felicia Hamilton, seems the perfect distraction—and her cool beauty masks a desire Kedah is hungering to ignite! But even Kedah isn’t prepared for the biggest scandal of all, when their one night together leaves Felicia pregnant with his baby.

Praise for Carol Marinelli

“I love Carol Marinelli’s writing and I was totally pulled into the story and wanting to continue with the next book.”-—Goodreads Reviews

“Ms. Marinelli writes a wonderful story and uses some wonderful one liners that make you smile even though at times you hurt for Abby.”—Amazon Reviews

“Marinelli’s novel is well written and her depictions of the racing locations, car and drivers all seem quite realistic.”—RT Book Reviews

About Carol MarinelliSheikh’s Baby Scandal by Carol Marinelli

CAROL MARINELLI was born in England to Scottish parents, then emigrated to Australia, where there are loads of Scottish and English people who did exactly the same, so she’s very at home there. She lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne–pretty much in her car, driving her three children to their various commitments. Follow her on twitter @CarolMMarinelli.  

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Bones of Paradise by Jonis AgeeBones of Paradise by Jonis Agee

Bones of Paradise has a lot going for it.  Set in the backdrop of the harsh 1800’s Nebraska Sand Hills, it is a western, family saga, and mystery all in one. 

” J.B. Bennett, a white rancher, and Star, a young Native American woman” are found murdered on the Bennett property.  J.B.’s wife, Dulcinea who had left years ago returns after his death with her friend, Rose who is also Star’s sister.  They both intend to find out who is responsible for their loved ones death.  Then there is J.B.’s vicious father, Drum Bennett who ran Dulcinea off, so long ago and her two sons, nearly adults.  Mix in the hired hands and a wide cast of characters and it makes for an interesting story.

The Nebraska landscape is also a central character to the story as is the massacre at Wounded Knee, from flashbacks.

I found the novel dragged quite a bit for the first 60 pages but as the story and back story started to unfold, it picked up.  The writing is poetic and at times, hypnotic. I have never read anything by Jonis Agee before this but hope to read more of her work in the future.  Recommended.

I received the ebook version for my honest review.


About Jonis AgeeBones of Paradise by Jonis Agee

Jonis Agee has been praised by the New York Times Book Review as “a gifted poet of that dark lushness in the heart of the American landscape.” She is the award-winning author of twelve books, including the New York Times Notable Books of the Year Sweet Eyes andStrange Angels. Her awards include the John Gardner Fiction Award, the George Garrett Award, a National Endowment for the Arts grant in fiction, a Loft-McKnight Award, a Loft-McKnight Award of Distinction, and two Nebraska Book Awards. A native of Nebraska, Agee teaches at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.