Free Fall to Black by John H. CunninghamFree Fall to Black by John H. Cunningham

Thanks to Ann-Marie Nieves of Get Red PR, I am giving away one print copy of Free Fall to Black by John H. Cunningham.

Description Free Fall to Black by John H. Cunningham

Travel back to 2006 and the penultimate moment of Buck Reilly’s former success when he discovers the crypt of the Mayan Serpent King and royal treasury in Guatemala, then marries top super model Heather Drake, and bask in his fifteen minutes of fame–before it suddenly blows apart.

By 2008, with the world economy on the brink of collapse, Buck and Jack Dodson’s company is already under siege due to fraud, backstabbing and greed that turns their friends and family alike into adversaries. Hubris and hasty decisions lead to irreversible consequences, and when a business partner turns up dead, business as usual isn’t business any more. 

For fans of the Buck Reilly series, buckle up for the turbulent ride that led him to Last Resort Charter and Salvage in Key West, and for new readers, this prequel will launch you into the six book series with your eyes wide open, and Buck’s scars still fresh.

Praise Free Fall to Black by John H. Cunningham

“Green To Go is a rip-roaring, lock you to your seat adventure that careens through the Caribbean with the momentum of a crash landing. Great characters, excellent suspense, just enough romance, and lots of action, all bound together with the author’s crisp writing style.”- Michael Reisig, author of The Road To Key West

“John Cunningham’s “Crystal Blue” will make you a Buck Reilly fan, if you’re not already. Cunningham’s ability to take the Antilles, a collection of tropical Caribbean islands that spreads out from the Bahamas and ends off the coast of South America, and turn them from sandy beaches and bars of Paradise to a precarious locale whenever Buck Reilly shows up is unique. Along the bumpy and exciting ride, you can expect Reilly’s eclectic group of friends and miscreants to show up, along with his nemeses FBI Special Agent T. Edward Booth – who is not above blackmailing Reilly to get what he wants.
Of course, there’s the “Beast,” Reilly’s air worthy, if not color-coordinated seaplane, a beautiful woman – looking for a missing husband and trying to put on a benefit rock concert in the British Virgin Islands – and an array of thugs.
Reilly needs the money from the charter businesses but ends up in a misadventure that threatens his life, his seaplane, the rock concert and the beautiful married woman. As he tries to sort out what’s happening, deal with Booth, and protect his plane, Reilly has to say alive to accomplish it all. He finds out it’s not as simple as sippin’ a mojito on a barstool in Key West.
You’ll be reading all night because the page-turner of a book will keep you wondering until the last pages.”- Michael Haskins, Author, Mick Murphy Key West mystery series

About John H. Cunningham

John H. Cunningham has a background as eclectic as Buck Reilly himself. An avid traveler and island hopper, commercial real estate developer, and former editor of The Pro Review, and like Buck is an aviation enthusiast.

John splits time in Key West, Virginia and New York City, so spends much of his time in the air, on the sea or researching places and plots for the Buck Reilly Series.


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