Apprentice by Rick PullenApprentice by Rick Pullen

Thanks to Tracy Minsky of Meryl Moss Media, I am giving away one print copy of The Apprentice by Rick Pullen.

Description Apprentice by Rick Pullen

Tish Woodward, a young inexperienced newspaper reporter, finds she is quickly out of her depth when a political assassination thrusts her into investigating the new president-elect, who himself is not ready for prime time.

She slowly learns the ways of Washington’s political insider game, but she is never comfortable trying to play the style of hardball that is served up daily.

This fast-paced thriller from the author of the 2016 Amazon bestseller “Naked Ambition,” explores how a sincere young woman gradually comes to terms with the nation’s ugly political realities. She struggles with her insecurities trying to fit into a culture she is certain she does not belong. And as she investigates the assassination, she makes a startling and embarrassing discovery that could reveal the identity of the assassin and alter the course of her life. But only if she can manage, somehow, to stay alive.

About Rick PullenApprentice by Rick Pullen

RICK PULLEN is a novelist, award-winning investigative reporter and magazine editor. His 2016 thriller, Naked Ambition, about a reporter investigating a corrupt presidential candidate, became a bestseller. The Apprentice is his latest release. In 2018, newspaper reporter Beck Rikki returns as she sets out to discover the Naked Truth, the sequel to Naked Ambition.

Pullen is a member of the Folio 100—the 100 most influential people in magazine publishing—and was a finalist for Editor of the Year. Learn more about his books at

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