Tortoise Goes to Outer Space by Vincent IjiomaTortoise Goes to Outer Space by Vincent Ijioma

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Description Tortoise Goes to Outer Space by Vincent Ijioma

Once upon a time there was a famine on earth. This was prior to human dominance of the planet. Animals ran the world. The famine was the second disaster that had befallen kingdom Animalia since the Continental Drift created the two Supercontinents of Gondwana and Laurasia from Pangaea. The first disaster was the Coup d’état, an illegal seizure of power, by humans that split Animalia.

There was still hope, if only animals could collaborate to save what was left of the wild from the advancing human settlements. The first step would be to find sources of food beyond the control of mankind. It was at this time that the birds encountered the sky creatures who offered to feed the animals and replenish the diversity of crops on earth. The sky creatures invited the animals to the heavens for a buffet and a gift of stem seeds. But would the absence of mankind prevent malice? Or have animals acquired the same human character traits that they so despise? Have they also become intelligent but devoid of wisdom as to the appropriate use of intelligence?

About Vincent Ijioma

Vincent Ijioma is a Renaissance man, an artist and a scientist with degrees in Humanities (History) and Applied Science (Electronics Technology, Nanoscience Technology, Regulatory Affairs). His experience includes 3 continents (Africa, Europe, North America).

As an Educationist and a Biomedical Engineer, the author had often faced questions on “how to get children and young adults interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). My answer: “Make STEM fun for all age groups (from grandparents to grandkids) by connecting the boring aspects of STEM to the exciting imagination of childhood: Provide plausible scientific hypothesis that could account for fairy tales and mythology.”

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