Journey Within by J. Mitchel BakerJourney Within by J. Mitchel Baker

Publisher: Artistic Origins (April 30, 2017)
Category: Memoir, Adventure, Inspirational
Tour dates: Oct-Nov, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-940385-05-1
Available in Print & ebook, 181 pages

The true story of a simple man who has spent his life working amidst the quiet embrace of nature and her animals. Despite the happy normalcy, his soul calls out to him through a series of visions urging him to search for the higher design in his life. His inner voice beckons him out into the wilderness, away from all that he knows and understands, to find the higher meaning of himself.

After nearly a decade of stubborn denial, he removes his self-imposed blindfolds to embark on what is to become his personal journey into the unknown.What he finds will forever change his life.

Instead of meaning, he finds a tempest. Finding courage through his animals he forges onward in search of his own truth.  Is there a greater universal design for each of us? Or is there only chaos and confusion? Your answer lies within, if only you dare to take the journey.

 A Journey Within highlights the duality between both the physical and the spiritual.  It carries a message of courage and inspiration to connect with life and the inner-self, taking the road less traveled, and living authentically.

My Thoughts Journey Within by J. Mitchel Baker

Mitchel Baker is a rancher in San Antonio, Texas. He loves the ranching life but like most of us, wondered what else there is to life? Why do bad things happen to good people?  With those questions in mind he embarks on a journey into nature and into himself.

He goes on his journey on horseback, into New Mexico.  Nature there can be unforgiving but he somehow gains the courage and goes along the Continental Divide with few supplies. Besides his horse, he brings his dog and three men.  They encounter much danger but lots of time for self reflection as well.  As their journey continued, he kept learning more and more about himself.  He learned from his spiritual journey that most answers lie deep within himself.

A Journey Within is a beautiful and moving account of both nature and self discovery.  Baker’s writing makes me feel as if I am right there with him. His descriptions of nature are breath taking.  At times it reminded me of Henry David Thoreau and at other of the book ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed.  If you enjoy books about nature and/or self discover, you are sure to love ‘A Journey Within’!  I highly recommend it!


I received the ebook for my honest review.

About J. Mitchel BakerJourney Within by J. Mitchel Baker

Mitchel Baker is a graduate of Texas A&M University, living in San Antonio with his family. He has dedicated his life to ranching and managing natural resources, and continues to be a student of all things visceral. He is currently working on his sequel to A Journey Within as he stumbles awkwardly toward a higher consciousness.


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Journey Within by J. Mitchel Baker