In the Land of Dreams by Lawrence SwaimIn the Land of Dreams by Lawrence Swaim

Thanks to Sarah-Beth Watkins of John Hunt Publishing, I am giving away one print copy of In the Land of Dreams by Lawrence Swaim

Description In the Land of Dreams by Lawrence Swaim

In the Land of Dreams is the story of a man who believes he is being stalked by the ghost of an ancestor, who, for reasons unknown, has returned to lower Manhattan, where he owned a tavern in the 1680s. Eventually the ghostly stalker is taken into the city-sponsored residential program in which our narrator lives, and reveals himself to be his troubled ancestor.

He tells a story of violent and irrevocable events that caused a curse to be placed on their family. Both men are looking for redemption, the ancestor through confessing his role in the long-ago troubles and the narrator by finding the right way to interpret these shocking events… 

About Lawrence SwaimIn the Land of Dreams by Lawrence Swaim

Lawrence Swaim is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Freedom 
Foundation, a public-interest nonprofit advocating civil rights for 
religious minorities and religious liberty for all. The IFF is 
especially engaged in opposing the growth of Islamophobia in the US. 

Swaim has a long history of progressive involvement, including ten years of union politics (Postal Workers). He has written three novels, writes a regular column on religious liberty issues and has done journalism from Latin America and Europe. He has also worked 25 years as a counselor in residential treatment programs for clients suffering from emotional trauma, addictions and chronic mental illness.

He lives in California.

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