Gluten Free Bread by Little Northern Bakehouse

Gluten Free Bread by Little Northern Bakehouse

I received a voucher for a free loaf of Gluten Free Bread by Little Northern Bakehouse. I chose the Seeds and Grains Loaf to try.

First let me start off saying that while I am vegan, I do not follow a Gluten free diet. Nor do I believe in the hype that is healthier. However, my husband Bill has irritable bowel and he has found that cutting down on wheat helps.  I also know that those with celiac disease need to stay away from all gluten!

Note: not all Gluten free breads are vegan, many have eggs in them.  The great things about this Gluten Free Bread from the Little Northern Bakehouse is that it is vegan!

The slices of this bread are slightly smaller than a regular loaf of bread you would usually buy in the supermarket. For me, that is a plus because I can’t eat as much as I use to. Two slices make the perfect size sandwich for me. Bill and I first tried it right out of the bag. The consistency was a little gummy for chewing. Then we tried it toasted and it was a great consistency and taste. We worked our through the entire loaf in just a few days, always toasting it.

If you are cutting back or avoiding gluten, for any reason, I highly recommend this bread! It is great toast and can be used on it’s own or for sandwiches. I think it may even make good stuffing as well, as long as you toast the small square you cut it up to. If anyone tries to make a gluten free stuffing with it, I would love to know your results.

4/5 stars.

I received this product for my honest opinion.

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