Giveaway Winners GaloreThanks so much to all the authors, publishers, and publicists for all of the awesome giveaways! They are so much fun to host and I know my readers appreciate them!!
Thanks to everyone who entered the following giveaways! Stay tuned for more exciting giveaways in the New Year!

Winners, please reply to the email I sent you today within 48 hours to claim your books. After 2 days you will be disqualified and a new winner will be picked. Rafflecopter picks all winners at random.

Address by Fiona Davis

The winner is Courtney W.

Doc Doc Zeus by Thomas Keech

The winner is Anne B.

Mapmaker’s Daughter by Katherine Nouri Hughes

The winner is Nadine

To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts by Caitlin Hamilton Summie

The winner is Jennifer C.

Blue Gold by David Barker

The winner is Anne B.

Dollhouse by Fiona Davis

The winner is Nadine S.

True East by Raymond Ahrens

The winners are Margie T., Barry C., & Meredith Miller

Sonya Sahni and the First Grade​ by Soma Mandal, MD

The winner is Jennifer C.

Dog Dish of Doom by E. J. Copperman

The winner is Nadine S.

One That Got Away by Melissa Pimentel

The winner is Nadine S.

Dating Bender by Christina Julian

The winner is Anne B.

How To Change a Life by Stacey Ballis

The winner is Jennifer C.

Hawkweed Prophecy and Hawkweed Legacy by Irena Brignull

The winner is Barry C.

Play Like a Girl: How a SoccerSchool In Kenya’s Slums Started a Revelution by Ellie Roscher

The winner is Renee G.

Rushing of the Brook by Kansas Bradbury

The winner is Meredith M.

Jerusalem Ablaze: Stories of Love and Other Obsessions by Orlando Ortega-Medina

The winners are Carl S., Anne B. Barry C., Kelly G., & Renee G.

Conspiracy In Belgravia by Sherry Thomas

The winner is Traci A.

First Signs of April by Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe

The winners are Rhonda L,  Margie T., & Barry C.

Roses Underneath and What is Forgiven (Anna Klein by C.F. Yetmen

The winner of the print copy is Carl S.

The winners of the ebook are Barry C., Anne B., & Renee G.

Secrets Kids Know… That Adults Oughta Learn by Allen Klein

The winner is Jennifer C.

Actor by Douglas Gardham

The winners are Margie T., Kelly G., & Traci A.


That’s all the time we have for Giveaway Winners Galore!  Stay tuned for more winner announcements!