Doc Doc Zeus by Thomas KeechDoc Doc Zeus by Thomas Keech

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Description of Doc Doc Zeus by Thomas Keech

Dr. Hartwicke Zeus sexually preys upon his women patients, including Diane, a suburban teenager who feels guilty and lost after having previously given away her baby girl.

Zeus relishes the challenge of bending his intelligent and spirited young patient to his will. The Board of Medicine knows what Dr. Zeus is doing, but its young investigator is repeatedly thwarted in his attempt to bring Zeus to justice. 

Doc Doc Zeus portrays very real, emotional encounters that can actually happen to any patient against their will. It shows readers how medical boards go about trying to help these vic-tims. Keech hopes to prevent more of these degrading assaults from happening to people who may be unaware of the abuse.

Praise for Doc Doc Zeus by Thomas Keech

“A complex, multilayered, and psychologically acute tale about a predatory physician: well done.” –Kirkus Reviews

About Thomas KeechDoc Doc Zeus by Thomas Keech

THOMAS KEECH is a retired Assistant Attorney General for the state of Maryland having represented the State Board of Physicians for sixteen years in its attempt to discipline doctors who were sexual predators, perpetrators of insurance fraud, violators of self-referral laws, and many other types of misbehavior. Prior to this, he served for thirteen years as the Chairman of a state administrative appeals board. Before that, he was an at-torney and lobbyist for the Legal Aid Bureau of Baltimore for seven years.

Currently, Keech is a contractual consultant to the Maryland State Board of Physicians, where he write regulations, coordinateS with other boards and agencies, and participates in investigations.

He also authored Unemployment Insurance [Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers, 1991], As well as the novels The Crawlspace Conspiracy [Baskerville, 1995], Prey for Love [Real Nice Books, 2011], and Hot Box in the Pizza District [Real Nice Books, 2015]. The novels dealt with state politics, teenagers entangled in suburban corruption and college romance, respectively.

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