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Lady KThanks to Maria Barry of Chronos Books/John Hunt Publishing, I am giving away one print copy of ‘Lady Katherine Knollys’ by Sarah-Beth Watkins.

Book Description:

Katherine Knollys was Mary Boleyn’s first child, born in 1524 when Mary was having an affair with King Henry VIII. Katherine spent her life unacknowledged as the king’s daughter, yet she was given prime appointments at court as maid of honour to both Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard.

She married Francis Knollys when she was 16 and went on to become mother to many successful men and women at court including Lettice Knollys who created a scandal when she married Sir Robert Dudley, the queen’s favourite. This fascinating book studies Katherine’s life and times, including her intriguing relationship with Elizabeth I.

About  Sarah-Beth Watkins:Watkins

Sarah-Beth Watkins is a freelance writer with over 20 years’ experience writing for magazines and websites on a variety of topics including writing, parenting, crafts, literature and women’s development. Over the past ten years, she has also tutored a number of writing courses within community settings and as a distance and online learning tutor. She lives in County Wexford, Ireland.

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Self PubBook Description:

The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide is the first and largest collection of curated and verified resources for independent authors who plan to publish their own books. Produced by a team with long experience in both traditional and independent publishing, the over 850 resources are listed in an easy-to-use format that includes live links, phone numbers, email addresses and brief descriptive copy. The Guide makes vendors and other resources easy to find by separating them into 33 distinct categories within the 3 main tasks the self-publisher must deal with. How to Prepare, Publish, and Promote their books:

Content & Developmental Editors
Copyeditors & Proofreaders
Cover & Interior Book Designers
Image Sources
Illustrators & Cartoonists
Writing Software
Writers’ Conferences & Workshops Offering Scholarships
Grants and Funding for Writers
Professional & Trade Associations
Best Books on Writing

eBook Conversion
Print-on-Demand (POD) Printing & Distribution Services
Subsidy Publishers
Short Run Printers
Book Production Software
Best Books on Self-Publishing
Helpful Links

Website Design for Authors
Social Media Consultants
Book Review Services
Press Release Services & Sources
Best Blogs on Self-Publishing
Book Blog Tours
Marketing & Publicity
Sites to List eBooks
News & Views
eBook Aggregators & Book Distributors
Major Retailers
Writing Contests, Fellowships & Prizes
Book Awards for Self-Published Authors
Consumer Protection

The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide ebook version is updated regularly to provide current information and links in the fast-changing indie publishing world, and the authors are actively soliciting input to keep listings current and comprehensive.

My Thoughts:

I have been a subscriber to Joel Fridlander’s website and newsletter for quite some time.  He often has good tips for self-publishing and book marketing.  So, when I receive the opportunity to review this book, I jumped at the chance.

I really like how the book was set up with the three categories and sub-categories.  It makes it easy to skip to what you want information on.  This book is said to be the “largest collection of curated and verified resources for independent authors.”  Well I do believe it delivers on its promise, there are a lot more resources you can find on-line that are just as valid.  They can be found by a simple internet search.

There were also a few resources that I have heard some not so good things about.  However, there are services listed that have a good reputation as well and they do warn the author at the beginning of the book to do their homework before choosing a service.

I think overall this is a good resource for authors who may not have time to do an internet search for the information.  Don’t forget that no matter what agencies look good in print, be sure to ask the right questions to make sure you will get the services you really need.


I received a ebook copy for my honest review.

About Joel Friedlander and Betty Kelly Sargent:

Joel Friedlander is an award-winning book designer and blogger who has been launching the careers of selfpublishers since 1994 from his book design and consulting practice at Marin Bookworks in San Rafael, California. Joel is a self-published author and the blogger behind TheBookDesigner.com (thebookdesigner.com), a popular and award-winning blog on book design, book marketing, and the future of the book. Joel is also the founder of The Self- Publishing Roadmap (selfpublishingroadmap.com), a training course for authors, and TheBookMakers.com (thebookmakers.com) and BookDesignTemplates.com (bookdesigntemplates.com), where he provides tools and services for authors who publish their own books. He speaks often at publishing industry events and is a past president of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association.

Betty Kelly Sargent is the founder of BookWorks, the Self-Publishers association (BookWorks.com), and the founder of The Educated Author (TheEducatedAuthor.com), and writes a monthly column on self-publishing for Publishers Weekly. She has spent more than 30 years in the traditional publishing business, most recently as editor-in-chief of William Morrow, where at one point she had three books on the New York Times best-seller list at once. She has also been executive editor at HarperCollins, executive editor at Delacorte Press, Fiction and Books editor at Cosmopolitan magazine, and book reviewer for CNN. She is the author of seven traditionally published books and one self-published book. She moderates panels and workshops in New York City and Los Angeles and is passionate about helping indie authors learn to navigate the ever-changing landscape of self-publishing.

Front Cover FinalJimaniThanks to Kelsey McBride of  Book Publicity Services, I am giving away one print copy of Saving Jimani by Rene Steinhauer.

Book Description:

The earth shakes, buildings fall, hundreds of thousands of people die in minutes. Others lie broken and infected in the streets of Haiti begging, and waiting for help. An empty orphanage is the battleground for life and death in the Haiti Earthquake. Two hours from civilization, a small team of doctors, nurses and paramedics frantically struggle to save two thousand patients as the hope of survival dwindles minute by minute. The battle has just begun. And the medical team asks, “Can we save any of these people?”

Managing the twelve-person team, Rene Steinhauer, a weary combat medic, stands witness to human suffering greater than he ever encountered in Iraq. Rene partners with Danya Swanson, a “daddy’s girl” with a nursing degree who thinks she has what it takes to save the day and suddenly finds herself as the disaster manager for Jimani. Rene dries his tears and gets up to fight in a brutal battle where amputated arms and legs are piled up until somebody, anybody, has time to drag them to the fire pit. The battle rages, hopes are raised and dashed and thousands of lives hang by a thread. Can an inexperienced nurse, with no disaster experience, really save Jimani?

About Rene Steinhauer:Rene Steinhaurer Headshot

Rene Steinhauer RN, EMT-P, is an accomplished nurse with more than twenty years of skilled disaster experience. He has practiced medicine on all seven continents including working as a flight nurse in Antarctica, a combat medic in Iraq and a disaster manager in Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake, and Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. Rene Steinhauer has spent much of the last twenty years as a disaster volunteer and continues to go where the need is greatest. He most recently worked as a chief nurse in an Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia.

To learn more, go to www.renesteinhauer.com

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