A Famous Author’s Personal Battle with Depression
In this short but powerful memoir, William Styron, the author of “Sophie’s Choice”, tells of his personal battle with clinical depression.
Suffering from depression myself and working in the mental health field, I can honestly say he captured this debilitating illness very well indeed. I have tried to explain to my friends how I felt going through depression at my lowest, low. It’s like sinking to the bottom of a well with no lifeline to hold on to, gasping for air.
There were so many things in this book that I could relate to first hand! People who have been lucky enough not to suffer from depression don’t usually realize how debilitating it is. Symptoms are not just psychological, but there are many physical aspects as well. Styron explains this in a way that everyone, suffers and non-suffers can understand.
I still have some smaller bouts of depression at times, but it’s more like treading water at the top of the well, thank goodness. Some of my experiences with the professionals were similar to his, but my ultimate recovery was a bit different. I was not hospitalized and my recovery took a lot longer.
This book is a bit dated. As I said above, I work in the mental health field. I can tell you that the hospitals that I have worked with, don’t have the budget to do many of the programs that Styron had the fortune to experience, such as a lot of art therapy. It’s a shame, because these would be beneficial!
Though this book is a little dated now, I recommend it for those that have suffered from depression and those who want to know more about what it is really like.
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