Have you ever wondered what happened to Cleopatra’s children after her after her death? Michelle Moran tells us in her new engrossing novel.
Twins, Selene and Alexander were taken to Rome by Octavian after he took over Egypt. Rather than turning them into slaves, like he has with most of his other conquests, he takes them to his sister, Octavia’s house. Where they receive a warm welcome by Octavia and her son, Marcellus. They are treated much like Marcellus and even go to school and activities with him and his betrothed, Octavian’s daughter, Julia.
Rome is quite different than Egypt and it takes some time for the twins to adapt to the Roman way of life. Sometimes beautiful but equally brutal. Alexander loves to have fun and so does Marcellus. They enjoy carefree days of placing bets on chariot races and attending the theatre. While Selene cares more about architecture, learning, and dreaming of the day she can return to Egypt.
On their 15th birthday, the twins know things are about to change for them. They are to find out who Octavian has chosen for them to marry. Will he be cruel and make bad matches for them or will they find happiness?
Michelle Moran writes a sweeping novel of some of the beauty and severe brutality of Rome. It is apparent to me that she spent a lot of time researching for this book. She writes about famous Roman trials in the corrupt justice system and slavery, the Pantheon and other architectural wonders. Throughout the story she stays true to Rome. This is a book not to be missed by historical fiction fans!

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