Back of Book Description:

Join the Weston family as it sets out on the Oregon trail from St. Louis in 1848 with all of its worldly belongings in a prairie-schooner wagon pulled by a team of oxen. 
Narrated by eleven-year-old Rebecca Weston, this is the tale of a historic trip across more than 2,000 miles of untamed land with remarkable encounters with wildlife, Native Americans, and Natural wonders.   but the trip is also full of peril- illness, drought, raging rivers to cross- that threatens the families chance of ever reaching its destination of Salem, Oregon.  Come along and experience firsthand one of the great American adventures- A brave family in Search of a better life.
My review:

This is a graphic novel aimed at children ages 9 and up.  However, it can be enjoyed by all ages, including adults.  The writing is easy to understand and very descriptive and the illustration matched what I imagined from the writing.  It is illustrated in creative and crisp black and white images.

This book would be a great tool to teach children about the Oregon Trail.  It kept me turning the pages to find out what happens next and I’ sure children would have the same experience.  I didn’t pay that much attention to history in school.  I found the old text books dull and boring.  This book is very engaging.

I won this book from Rose City Reader.

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