Read by Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King, et al.

edited by Clayborne Carson, Peter Holloran and Kris Shepard

I was born in the 60’s and learned about Dr. Martin Luther King in grade school.  I’m sure I saw him on the news as well but I was too young to remember.  Ever since them I have not been able to get enough of King and the Civil Rights Movement.  I still astounds me to this day that the was and still is so much discrimination and hatred in this world.

The Consise King is a compilation of his most important and influential speeches.  There are two compact discs: The first one are his speeches with introductions from some other inspirational famous people,such as Rosa Parks and Senator Edward M. Kennedy.  It has the most recognized speeches such as “I Have a Dream” as well as a couple speeches I hadn’t heard before. I never tire of hearing his usual speeches but it was also a treat to hear the other ones as well.  The second disc includes photographs.

King was an artist with words.  I feel like we were robbed of Martin Luther King’s continuing inspiration, as I’m sure he would have been sharing.  We must keep his dream alive.  I highly recommend The Concise King!
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