Heart Warming but Not Sappy!
In 1937 Violet age 18, lives with her contempt father and was deserted by her mother at an early age. She looses her arm from a dreadful accident and life looks pretty grim for her.
Just when it looks like this is going to be a “down on your luck” story, in comes a musical group that takes her into their fold. She learns that she still can be useful and find love, even with only one arm.
I was at the library one day trying to find a few audio books I could listen to while I work out at the gym. I saw “Oh My Stars” and thought to myself, “Okay, this is probably really sappy chick lit, but it could be good. I certainly like to visit that time period.”
Am I glad I persuaded myself to give it a try!
This is far from the “stereotypical chick lit” that I though it was going to be.
This was a well-written novel with layers of beautiful prose! All of Landvik’s characters are so memorable, even after the novel is over. Though heart wrenching in parts, Landvik gives hope and redemption in the end, so much so that I felt up lifted in the end.
Judith Ivey read in perfect pitch and helped make the characters come alive.
The only negative for me, is that it is not a good gym book. I ended up sitting and savoring this one!
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