In the historical the Hotel Sylvia in Vancouver, BC Canada, there lived a grey cat named Got To Go. Across the street was beautiful English Bay. Mister Foster, the hotel manager didn’t like Go To Go in the hotel. He said, “As soon as it stops raining, that cat’s got to go. Got To Got had lived there for seven years so no one paid attention to Mr. Foster.

Got To Go enjoyed life at the Sylvia Hotel until Arnie showed up. Arine was a very small dog. Got To go went down stairs for three days and wouldn’t come up. Many people tried to coax Got To Go up stairs but with no luc. Then Mr. Foster finally tried and Got To Go went up stairs. Arine chased Got to Go but Got To Go put Arnie in his place.

Arnie didn’t chase Got To Go again but barked non-stop. He was getting on the nerves of the guests. One day a seagull flew by and Arnie decided to follow. Mr. Foster brought him to the vet and the clinical report read, “Dog is delusional. Believes it can fly.” There are more escapades with Arnie and Got To Go but I won’t give them away.

This is a delightful book for both children and adults. The Sylvia Hotel is is a real place that is still here in Vancouver. In fact my aunt stayed there a couple of years ago when she came to visit. This book is highly recommended!

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