Model of a Dysfunctional Family!

The story opens with a family sitting around the table for a big Thanksgiving meal. The father is sitting at the head of the table quietly shoveling in food, only grunting when spoken to. Skye’s children are like most normal children, running around the table giggling. Her eldest brother Irving is at the opposite end of the table and the rest of the family on the sides.

Skye hasn’t seen Irving for quite a long time and was really looking forward to seeing him. She planned to spend a few days there before heading back home to Fresno. Irving isn’t looking forward to spending time with Skye and her little “brats”.
Writing a short story is a different kind of art then writing a novel. Not all writers can put the details just so, to make up a short story the feels complete. Snow shines at this!
In only 15 pages, Laurel-Rain Snow manages to make up a believable family with believable issues. This is a vivid exploration of childhood abuse and sibling rivalry.
I highly recommend this story.

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