Fell Flat

It is 1962. The story opens with Edward and Florence just married and in their honeymoon sweet eating dinner. They are both nervous, as can be expected of two virgins. Florence is actually petrified. “Where he merely suffered conventional first-night nerves, she experienced a visceral dread, a helpless disgust as palpable as seasickness.”
Edward had denied himself any “self-pleasure” for a week so that he wouldn’t fail to perform on that all important night. However, once the event starts, it doesn’t go well.
That pretty much sums up the story, of course I left out spoilers, which I figured out from the first few pages. The plot is very little and there is not a whole lot to the story. I’m not one to complain that something didn’t “blow up”. I don’t need heart pounding action but I wish something more would have happened. The story was just too flat and one dimensional for me.
That said, I do like Ian McEwan’s writing style. He really knows how to write about and capture emotions. I do have other McEwen books on my to-be-read list and do plan to read them.

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