Gone With the Wind, it is Not

When I first heard that Rhett Butler’s People was coming out and that it was authorized by the Mitchell estate, I got vary excited!! I could hardly wait to get my hands on it and I ordered one for my mother in-law for Christmas as well.

I must say that I was disappointed. The writing style and the historical detail were good, although, the book did drag in a couple parts. I also found that McCaig wrapped up all of the loose ends, without leaving anything to the imagination. I find it hard for the characters to live on in the world of my imagination, when an author wraps up everything so neatly.

Some of the characters seemed to be written out of character. Melanie Wilkes is a big example of this. She was still the loving, meek woman she was in Gone With the Wind; however, Craig has us believe that she wrote intimate letters to a girl friend about sex. Mitchell’s Melanie would never have done this.

I did enjoy McCaig’s take on some of the minor characters, such as Wade and Belle. However, if you haven’t read Gone With the Wind and only saw the movie, you won’t know whom some of these minor characters, such a Wade, are.

I am not sorry that I read Rhett Butler’s People. It was worthwhile and I enjoyed it for the most part. In my opinion, it is not a work of literature that will stand the test of time like Gone With the Wind has.


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