Heartbreaking but Unbelievable

The book opens with Roman tucking his 6-year-old son in for the night. He then decides to leave the house, with his son in it, to go to a bar down the street for a quick drink. He’s gone about 15 minutes. When he returns, his son is missing.

Throughout the book we follow Roman on a remorseful journey. A journey of regret, sorrow, relationship problems, searching, and all those things that normally go with loss.
I really wanted to like this book and I did, I just didn’t love it. David Gilmour really has a way with words, and this really shines through. His mature prose was sometimes poetic, sparkled with some dark humour.
The major problem I had with this book was that every time Roman would dream, they would be in sequence. It’s like he planned it that way and he could do this at will. We don’t dream that way. I sometimes wish we did, because I have had dreams that I wish would continue the next time that I fell asleep. LOL!
I think with Gilmour’s talent, he could have done much more with this book. That said, this is the first David Gilmour book I have read, but I will definitely try another.
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