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Love At Absolute Zero by Christopher Meeks

Posted by Teddyrose@1 on September 27, 2011
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At 32 years old, Gunnar just earned tenure as a physicist at the University of Wisconsin.  He takes this as a sign that it is time for him to find a wife.  He has a three day break from work and decides that he must find a wife in that time however, he understands very little about love and relationships.  He enlists the help of his two friends/ colleagues to find a scientific method of finding his soul mate.

This new method meets with hilarious results, while all the time the reader can’t help but root for Gunnar.  In three days time he gets Lasik eye surgery on his eyes, braces, and a new hair style, all to appear more attractive to women.  He goes to two speed dating events.  The first one with disastrous consequences. 
Gunnar finds love on the third night but Kara is from Denmark.  Should he risk his tenure to follow ?  He has never been outside of Wisconsin, let alone outside of North America.  He could go there and work as a visiting professor at the Niels Bohr Institute.

I must admit I was a little nervous accepting a review copy of this book.  I loved Christopher Meeks first novel, The Brightest Moon of the Century however, science scares me.  I also don`t always enjoy romance.  I usually like historical fiction or literary fiction that has an element of romance but not as the main plot. 

I need not have worried! Christopher Meeks pulled it off  beautifully.  He was able to explain the science, so that even I could understand it and actually enjoy it.  This is true literary fiction.  It has romance but so much more!  Meeks has a biting sense of humor and has created quirky yet totally believable characters.  This book is a must read for literary fiction lovers. 


Love at Absolute Zero and Christopher Meeks are currently on tour through Premier Virtual Author Book ToursThere are more reviews, guest posts, and giveaways of the book happening right now.  To follow the tour go here, to view the schedule.  Also, for the duration of the tour you can buy the ebook for only .99 cents at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Please note that I am the coordinator of the Love of Absolute Zero Tour but it in no way influenced my opinion of the book.  My review is my honest and true feelings of the book.

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Bright and Refreshing

In this bright and intelligent book, we follow Edward Meopian from the age of 14 to 45 years old (1968-1999). His mother died when he was young and his father did his best to raise him. They live in Minnesota where his father is an encyclopedia salesman.

Edward’s father decides to enrol Edward in private school which Edward is very unhappy about. There are a bunch or rich snobby kids there and he finds it hard to fit in. One of the rich kids asks him what his father does and he lies and says, my father “is in publishing.” Of course his lie is found out when his father shows up at the school library to deliver new encyclopedias.

Later Edward gets a stepmother and younger stepbrother and then gets accepted into a university in Denver. He is anxious to start this new chapter in his life and to meet girls. He does get his first girlfriend there but it doesn’t last long. He graduates from university and wants to make it as a film director so moves to L.A. Reality hits him hard and he ends up having to work in a camera store to pay his rent.

When he ends up quitting his dead end job and has no money, his father suggests that he move to rural Alabama to set up a convenience store in the trailer park that his father bought. Edward agrees and enlists his friend Sagebrush to go with him. The two could not be more opposite but somehow they work together.

I could go on but I don’t want to give away too much. This is a hilarious and intelligently written book. The funniest part for me was the summer in the trailer park but I loved the whole book. Meeks hits all the right cords. His writing is fresh, intelligent and very witty! Also, being born and raised in Minnesota myself, it was fun to see all the references to cities and landmarks that I recognized.

This is Christopher Meeks first novel but he has written two short story collections that have been highly recommend by Wendy of Caribousmom. I plan to read these and can hardly wait for his next novel. The Brightest Moon of the Century is such a treat and I cannot recommend it high enough!


Thanks so much to Christopher Meeks and sending me his book and to Wendy of Caribousmom for sending him my way!

Copyright 2007-2010: All the posts within this blog were originally posted by Teddy Rose and should not be reproduced without express written permission.