Publication Date: April 2008

Warning: Do not read this right before bed!

The year is 1837 and Liberty Lane, runs away from her overbearing aunt to meet up with her father in France. She receives an anonymous note telling her that her father was shot in a dual. She knows that this can’t be true, due to her father’s ethical belief against duels. He must have been murdered, but by whom?

Liberty does some investigating and gets herself caught up in some very close calls herself. She agrees to pose as a governess for a family that was said to be, somehow involved in her father’s death. To tell more of this riveting early Victorian Gothic mystery would give away too much.

This is a compulsive read that I was unable to put down! Caro Peacock’s characters are well fleshed out and come to life. I felt like was inside the story myself. This book is very close to a five star rating for me, however, there is one little part towards the end that I think could have been set up better. I can’t mention it here without giving away a spoiler.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, I was up until 3:00 in the morning with this wonderful heart-racing book!

Note: This book was also published with the title ‘Death at Dawn’

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