A Nostalgia Look Back to the 1950’s

This is the first Bill Bryson book I have read, but certainly not the last!

Bryson takes a hilarious trip down memory lane. He mixes in his childhood memories of Iowa, historical facts, and adds his own character, The Thunderbolt Kid. It’s a recipe for a fun filled ride with belly laughs and nostalgia.

This is a great book for baby boomers, but I think the younger generations will enjoy it as well. He writes of a less serious time in U. S. history. At time that was considered prosperous and care free. A time when giant box stores didn’t take over entire towns like today.

I listened to the audio version of this book, which Bill Bryson narrates himself, on a plane trip. Passengers sitting near me asked what I was listening to, I was laughing out loud that much; it just couldn’t be helped! If you don’t like funny books, don’t read or listen to this one. If you do like funny books you may want to read or listen to it in private so you don’t draw attention to yourself like I did. 5/5

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