Fun and Thought Provoking

Father Padraic O’Casey will be 80 years old next month. He would like to retire, but the higher ups refuse to let him. They don’t want make someone else take over a diminished parish.

Recently, the church crucifix has gone missing off of its hanging place and shown up in different and unusual places around the church. Is someone playing tricks? That’s what the church thinks. However more and more parishioners are coming back to church, looking for a miracle. Things spiral out of control as more and more people show up and the media get involved.

When I first heard about this story, I couldn’t help but think about the toast with the resemblance of Jesus that turned up on Ebay. Bids were in the thousands of dollars. That is a true story and it seems to me that this one pokes a bit of fun at it.

Aitchison writes with a thought provoking sense of humor that pokes a little fun at all sides. With his little twist of an ending he had me laughing out loud. Aitchison at the same time writes in a respectful manner that won’t offend.


Note: If you would like to read this short story, it is only available on, for 49 cents. However, Aitchison does offer a free download of one featured short story per month on his website. Here is the link.

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