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Just Josh by Moira RutherfordJust Josh by Moira Rutherford

Thanks to the author, I am giving away one print copy of Just Josh by Moira Rutherford.

Description of Just Josh by Moira Rutherford

Just Josh is a wonderful narrative of how hard it is for every unwanted animal (in this case a dog) to find a forever home. Written as if by Josh himself, the author brings him into your heart and mind in such a way that it is almost impossible to not read in just one or two sittings.

The book has happy, sad and funny moments but the overriding feel is one of positivity; no matter what life throws at you, staying positive and having hope are life’s strongest supports, whether canine or human.

Praise for Just Josh by Moria Rutherford

“What a lovely book about an abandoned street dog from Kalkan Turkey. So beautifully written, with touching poems. following the struggles experienced by Josh and his fellow companions on the streets of Kalkan. Sometimes sad, but always hopeful. A great read. Well done Moira! Please don’t make this the last book. You certainly kept us all captivated.”- Teresa Mardell, Lulu Reviewer

“A lovely story which pulls at the heartstrings and challenges the emotions. Difficult to put down and definitely a book for dog lovers.”- Tony Saunders, Lulu Reviewer

“This is a beautifully written true story about Josh the street dog, dumped as a puppy, his injuries and recovery, and his eventual arrival at his forever home and “golden basket” in Holland, with a fan club of bloggers cheering him on all the way through. Congratulations to author Moira Rutherford for her wonderfully candid account of Josh’s journey to happiness.’- Matthew Day, Lulu Reviewer

About Moira Rutherford

Moira Rutherford is a first-time author, who has been actively involved in the successful rehoming of animals.

After a long career as a health professional, the author is now retired and involved with charities worldwide in promoting the well-being of animals.  She is currently writing her second book.

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RescueAtDeadDogBeach hc cThanks to Kendra Newton of It Books/Harper Collins, I am giving away one copy of ‘The Rescue at Dead Dog Beach’.

Book Description:

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? You know, that amazing, tropical island with sandy beaches, exotic hideaways, and breathtaking waterfront views. In fact, there’s one postcard-perfect beach called Playa Lucia where residents and visitors flock daily for relaxation and fun, it also has a dark side – it’s nicknamed Dead Dog Beach because it’s a notorious dumping ground for the island’s unwanted canines.

This wasn’t immediately known to Stephen McGarva when he moved to the island with his wife, where they hoped to find inspiration and adventure. One day McGarva visited Playa Lucia, and instead of a day of adventure and leisure, he found a sick and abandoned dog. This dog, and the quest to save him, transformed McGarva and gave him a new purpose to save as many forgotten animals as possible.

In The Rescue at Dead Dog Beach, McGarva shares his story of helping the satos, or unwanted dogs, of the island. Often considered a threat to the area’s lucrative tourism industry, these defenseless animals are in constant danger of brutality and death. Enraged, and refusing to accept such cruelty, he began protecting these helpless animals in any way he could – but it didn’t come without a cost, both financially and personally. And McGarva soon discovered that there were many people working against him – undermining his efforts and threatening violence to both himself and the dogs. However, McGarva refused to back down, and during his two years on Dead Dog Beach, he ultimately managed to save hundreds of dogs.

A call to arms for animal lovers everywhere, and full of insights and practical information to help strays anywhere in the world, The Rescue at Dead Dog Beach is as powerful as it is heartbreaking. A must-read for animal advocates everywhere!

About Stephen McGarva:Steve McGarva

STEPHEN MCGARVA is the founder of The Achates Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to end the abuse of strays and build animal friendly communities and Mexico and Puerto Rico. Steve first came to prominence as the Dog-Rescuer, for his work saving hundreds of dogs in Puerto Rico.

He has been featured in People magazine, on NPR, and appeared on Ellen.

The Rescue at Dead Dog Beach goes on sale on August 26, 2014 (National Dog Day!)

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Esther the Wonder Pig

Posted by Teddyrose@1 on June 22, 2014
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You may have already heard about Esther the Wonder Pig or maybe not.  Her human parents, Steve and Derek adopted her when she was just a baby.  They were told she wouldn’t weight more than 50 pounds full grown.  She is now over 500 pounds!  They love her and it is very apparent she loves them.  However, it is really a tight fit in their small 1000 square foot home. Yes, she is house trained!

Cool video of Esther and her family:

Steve and Derek found a great place for sale and want to build a sanctuary for Esther and other “food industry animals”.  So far they have raised just shy of $228,000 with a goal of $400,000.  Every dollar counts!  Please help them reach their goal!  They only have 8 days left for their Indiegogo Campain. There are some great perks for helping out!   You can find out more and contribute here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/esther-the-wonder-pig-farm-sanctuary What are you waiting for? Go there now!