The youngest of the McCourt brothers.

First there was ‘Angela’s Ash’s and other books by Frank McCourt. Then his brother Malachy with the book “And a Monk Swimming”. Now the youngest of the McCourt brothers, Alphie has written a book.
Not many years after his brothers move to New York City from Ireland, Alphie and his mother followed. We hear about his family, this time from Alphie’s perspective but much the same as what his brothers describe. Then we hear about his life.
Alphie didn’t have the same luck in life as his brothers had. He went from dead-end job to the other throughout his life. He also battled alcoholism. Things looked up for awhile when he owned a restaurant, but that eventually went bankrupt.
He does share one talent with his brother’s and that is writing. He shared songs, stories and poems throughout his story, which were enhanced by the audio version of the is book as he sang the songs. Not that he’s a great singer, but you get to hear them they way they were meant to be heard. A bit of the books got repetative so it could have used a bit more editing.
Alphie McCourt’s story is honest, funny, and sad. I hope his writing is the start in a new and better chapter in his life!
Thank you to Anna Balasi of Hachette Books for a copy of this audiobook!
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