Original and Refreshing!

Susie Salmon is a 14-year-old dead girl looks down from heaven and tells us about her murder and her observations about her family. She observes her family struggle to come to terms and cope with her death. We see her younger sister grow into a woman and her father trying to bring Susie’s killer to justice. We also learn about what her own heaven looks like and what it is like to be dead from her perspective.
Sounds a bit weird, right? That’s what I thought years ago when I picked up this book. I read about 15 pages and thought, “this is stupid, how can a dead person narrate a book. Then I ran across the audio book version a couple weeks ago. I thought to myself, “why not give it another more fair try and try to see why other readers like it so much.” Boy, am I glad I did. Once I got past the description of the murder, I really enjoyed this book. It’s not as depressing as one would think. It was suspenseful, heartwarming, and humorous.
The performer on the audio version is Alyssa Bresnahan. She is excellent and really enhances the novel.
Susie Salmon captured my heart. I highly recommend this book and can hardly wait to see what Alice Sebold writes next!
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