Here is a re-cap of all the challenges I paticipated in for 2008:

Complete Challenges:
1. 2 New 2 You Challenge
2. The Canadian Book Challenge
3. Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
4. Elizabeth Gaskell Mini-Challenge 08
5. ARC Reading Challenge
6. 342,745 Ways To Herd Cats Challenge
7. I Heard It Through the Grapevine Challenge
8. A Well-Rounded Challenge
9. 2008 TBR Challenge
11. 2008 Mini Challenge

Challenges Still in Progress:
1. What An Animal Challenge (read 3/6 so far)
2. The 2nd Canadian Book Challenge (read4/13 so far)
3. Book Awards II Reading Challenge (read 6/10 so far)

Challenges I DNF:
1. On the Porch Swing (read 3/5)
2. The New Classics Challenge (read 2/6)
3. Presidential Reading Challenge (read 0/1)

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