Yellow House by Jeroen BlokhuisYellow House by Jeroen Blokhuis

Thanks to Bernadette of Holland Park Press, I am giving away one print copy of Yellow House by Jeroen Blokhuis.

Description of Yellow House by Jeroen Blokhuis

The Yellow House, by Jeroen Blokhuis, paints a fictional picture of Vincent van Gogh’s life between August 1888 and December 1889 when he lived in Arles in Southern France and where he created many of his masterpieces. 

In his debut novel Jeroen Blokhuis tells the story from van Gogh’s point of view, from inside his mind, providing a fresh and revealing look at how this intriguing painter worked.

The Vincent in this novel very much tries to fit in, but is often baffled by how people react. Almost as if he can only express himself through his paintings, which in turn flummox the public. In one scene people literally turn up to see Vincent and Gauguin paint Marie Ginoux, but he, Vincent, is just concerned about creating a good painting. 

About Jeroen BlokhuisYellow House by Jeroen Blokhuis

Jeroen Blokhuis is a Dutch author and a Communications Advisor.

He has published short stories in literary magazines including Passionate and KortVerhaal. He also wrote booklets for educational publishers and professional publications about content strategy. 

His short story ‘Vroeger’ (‘The Past’) was published in Dutch and English in the Holland Park Press online magazine in 2012. The basis for this short story was a short screenplay written ten years ago which won the Gouden Vlam screenplay prize.

In answer to the questions about his inspiration for writing The Yellow House, the author answered: ‘The protagonist, Vincent van Gogh, is an iconic painter, but I was interested in who he really was, in the actual world: soldiering on, an outsider and a dreamer. Well, that’s what I think, and that’s how, for me, he’s become a real person.’

His debut novel, Place Lamartine was published in Dutch in September 2015 and will be published in English as The Yellow House in March 2017. 

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