Tegon MausWishing Stone by Tegon Maus

Publisher:  Tirgearr Publishing (August 10, 2014)
Category: Mystery, Soft Science Fiction, Technothriller, Humor, Quirky
Tour Date: Feb/Mar, 2016
Available in: ebook, 151 Pages

During that last summer, as if in punishment for being happy, Kate was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

The last time we used the wishing stone was at the hospital the morning she died.

On that day, all three of us made a silent wish, certain the others had wished the same. Kate died that afternoon and I never thought about it again. It was the last time I believed in magic, in love or in the existence of God.

Then, after three miserable lonely years, the unthinkable, a second chance . . . Warwick.

Praise for Machines of the Little People (The Eve Project- Book 1)

“The plot is unique, I must say that I haven’t read a Sci Fi book so original in a long time. It has everything, mystery, suspense, romance, eccentric characters, conspiracy theories, and of course the little people with their machines!
Crazy, Wild, Excellent Written. Highly Recommended!!!”- Julia Damatto, Romorror Fan Girl

“the real joy of this book is not the plot itself. The real joy is the way in which Maus keeps his readers constantly off guard, stringing them along for pages before flipping the situation on its head and forcing readers to reevaluate whatever they thought they knew. Normally, that just pisses me off, but the way Maus manipulates his readers makes us squeal with delight at every turn. There is an energy to his novels, a sense of urgency tinged with wonder. We trust that wherever he takes us–and it won’t be somewhere we expect–it will be an adventure in the truest sense of the word.
And then we have the characters. At the end of the day, it’s the characters that make a Maus book what it is.
Definitely recommended for anyone who just wants a cracking good story. “-Jonathan Cook, Author ‘Youth and Other Fictions’

“Anyone who loves a good science fiction/fantasy story would have a hard time putting this one down.”- Lisa Binion, Author ‘Softly and Tenderley’

Praise for Wishing Stone (The Eve Project- Book 2)

“More great Sci-Fi adventure from Tegon Maus. He doesn’t just give us a good Sci-Fi story. He gives us a story with great characters and a unique story and is able to include many other genres in his Sci-Fi stories. Comedy, drama and action.  Let’s pray for a book three in the series.”-Erik Nelson, Author ‘Unlawful Protection’

“This is a great science fiction story, which follows on nicely from The Eve Project: Book 1, Machines of the Little People, however could easily be read as a stand-alone.
It has it all for science fiction fans, top secret scientific projects, a great storyline, twists and turns round every corner, yet, at its very core lies, dare I say it, a love story.
It has a great finish, however, at the end, all I wanted to know from the author – is there is another book in the series coming?  I hope so”-Susan Keefe, Author ‘Toby’s Tales’ Series

“I enjoyed The Wishing Stone even more than the first book, even though, again, it’s not my usual read. I really liked the eccentric scientist characters Ben meets at Warwick, and as with book one, Tegon Maus did a great job of keeping me guessing what was really going on right to the very end. I look forward to finding out what book 3 has in store!”-Nick Stead, Author ‘Hybrid’

My Thoughts on Wishing Stone by Tegon Maus

‘The Wishing Stone’ is the 4th book I have read by Tegon Maus.  In my opinion is is tied for his best with his book ‘Bob’.  It has his trademark quirky characters and humor in spades!  We get to know Ben and his brother in-law, Roger so much more than we did in book 1.  We find out much more about the condition Ben has that makes electronic devices stop working and sometimes even explode, B.C.E.D. (Bio-Chemical Electrical Discharge). This is a really condition some people have and I have discovered that I am actually one of them!  However, I have a very mild form.  All battery operated watches stop working within a day or two of when I start wearing them.  I use to think it was just the fairly cheap watches I bought but even when I wear expensive ones, they stop.  I have found that I can only safely wear digital watches.  It’s very frustrating but no where near as frustrating as the condition is for Ben!

Roger has put inhibitors on Ben to help counteract his condition but they no long help like they use to.  It is with desperation for a cure or at least a way to better control it, that Ben finally agrees to go with Roger to a place that can better help him.  He has never been away from Southern California before.  Roger and Ben’s girlfriend, Audry, drive Ben to a facility out in New Mexico.  They don’t dare fly, knowing that is possible for Ben’s condition to interfere with a plane.  Once there, they are greeted by old kinds of odd people.  When he is brought to where he is to sleep for the duration of his stay, it turns out to be an exact replica of his house, down to every last detail, including the dishes he left in his sink.

Two of the lab workers, Marcie and Digby befriend Ben and come to his quarters just about every morning and have breakfast with him.  They are both very talkative but when he tries to find out what the facility is and does, they just ignore him and keep on chattering.  He can’t get straight answers from anyone, including Roger, who it turns out runs a secret lab on the campus and is well known by everyone who works there.

I could go on and on however, I risk giving away spoilers if I did.  As I read on, I like Ben was in the dark and had the same questions he did.  I could not turn the pages fast enough to find out!  What is this place for?  What is in Roger’s secret lab for and why has he really brought Ben there?  Ben is only suppose to be there for 4 days but that time slips by quickly and he is still there.

I enjoyed Book 1 of ‘The Eve Project’, ‘The Machines of the Little People’ however, as often happens with book 1 in a series, it was slow to start while it introduced the character, etc.  However, book 2, ‘The Wishing Stone’ takes of like a rocket and I feel the G-force all the way through! It is a great character study but with action.  This book has it all.  I recommend it for those who love science fiction but I also think those who enjoy dystopian and even literary fiction, like myself, will love this book!  I can hardly wait for book 3!

I received this ebook for my honest review.

5/5, it really can’t get much better than this!

About Tegon MausTegon Maus

Tegon Maus was raised pretty much the same as everyone else… devoted mother, strict father and all the imaginary friends he could conjure. Not that he wasn’t friendly, he just wasn’t “people orientated”. Maybe he lived in his head way more than he should have, maybe not. He liked machines more than people, at least he did until I met his wife.

The first thing he can remember writing was for her. For the life of him he can’t remember what it was about… something about dust bunnies under the bed and monsters in my closet. It must have been pretty good because she married him shortly after that. He spent a good number  of years chasing other dreams before he got back to writing.

It wasn’t a deliberate conscious thought, it was more of a stepping stone. His wife and himself had joined a dream interpret group and we were encouraged to write down our dreams as they occurred. “Be as detailed as you can,” we were told.

He was thrilled. If there is one thing he enjoys it’s making people believe him and he likes to exaggerate. Not a big exaggeration or an outright lie mind you, just a little step out of sync, just enough so you couldn’t be sure if it were true or not.  When he writes, he always write with the effort of “it could happen” very much in mind and nothing, he guarantees you, nothing, makes him happier.

He has consistently placed in the top 3 in 189 writing contest in a variety of genres and has been featured in magazines a couple of times to raise money for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Tegon Maus Website: http://www.tegonmaus.com/
Author on Tirgearr Website: http://tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Maus_Tegon/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TegonMaus
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tegon-Maus/150255051766767
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tegon/tegon-maus/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/101974688416833509592/posts

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