So sorry for the lateness of posting this month.  In April, we collectively read and reviewed 18 ARC’s for a total of 83 ARC’s, so far in 2014!

Here are the standings so far:Level Bronze (up to 12 Arcs):

Joy 0
LuAnn 3

Working on Silver:

Freda 12
Teddy 16

Silver (24 ARCS):

Working on Gold:

Nicola 30
Yvonne 30

Gold ( 35 ARCS):

Working on Platinum:

Platinum (40 ARCS):

You can join this challenge at any time.  If you don’t see yourself in the standings above, it is because you didn’t leave a comment telling me how many books you read so far. You need to do this at the end of each month.

Please post the books you read in May for the challenge in Mr. Linky, below:
If you forgot to post book in any previous months, please post them in Mr. Link below as well.

Please enter your name and the name of the book in this format: Name: (Your Name, Book Title and Author’s Name) for example: (Teddy, Obsessive Reading by Helen Reader).